Feedback about our service is so valuable. It helps us makes changes where needed, develop ideas and suggestions, reward staff and continue to provide the best service possible.

Feedback can be given in a variety of ways, through quality assurance, a face to face meeting, during a review, by a complaint or compliment form or by completing a homecare.co.uk recommendation card.

If you would like to give feedback, and are unsure how, please ask one of our friendly team to assist you. You can call 01536 510545, write to us using the address below, email enquires@activesupportservice.org.uk, or speak on a 1-1 basis with your support worker ( if you are receiving services from us).

Quality Assurance is very important to us and our Quality Assurance Assessors, Chris Coyne and Lauren Eaves, would love to hear from you;

"It is my job to make sure that you are happy with our service. Your complaints can only be sorted if we know about them. If we are doing something well, let us know. I shall contact customers on a regular basis either by phone or face to face. Please remember it is your service and we strive to provide you with the excellent service you deserve."

What is said about us.

Thank you, I realise you go way beyond what your job description states and I really do appreciate it.



I Like getting support from Active. I enjoy getting out to new places


Mr Rixon